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I invite you to purchase material in English: 60 cards for practicing Past Simple in speaking (15 A4 pages). The task is to complete the sentence with the missing (given) verb using Past Simple. Perfect material for a grammar-reminiscent warm-up for students at the beginning of classes, or for students preparing for various exams. I recommend cutting out and laminating the cards so they will last for many years.


The sentences are negatives, affirmative sentences and questions. 


The file was made in Canva using legal graphics.


Everything included in the material is shown in the photos. If you find any errors or typos, please contact us by e-mail: If you are interested in additional materials that are not listed on my profile, please contact me.


♥ Thank you in advance for your purchase ♥

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Hello! My name is Julia and I am an English teacher at two language schools. English is my great passion that I want to share with the world. On my profile, you can find files in PDF format, created by me :) If you need some materials that are not yet included in my offer, please, don't hesitate to contact me.


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